Sunday, March 1, 2009

Our new Life Group Extravaganza

Like I've said over and over, Greg and I had a hard time leaving our old Life Group friends in Little Rock to move up here. But currently, we are going through training to be leaders in our new Life Group... and boy, do we love these people! Friday night, we went to a place in Rogers and bowled, played laser tag, drove go-carts, and played arcade games. (Just a side note: We all took turns hitting a punching bag game, and I hit it harder than my husband.) This is a picture of our group minus about five or six people. I think we are planning our next outing to be a camping trip in April. I'm pretty stoked about it already!


  1. What exactly is a life group?
    I have never experienced this before.

  2. It is becoming very popular in many large churches. Basically, the church splits into small groups (ours is getting too big actually), and those groups meet in homes for worship. Life Groups at our church meet in place of the regular worship service on Sunday nights. Basically, it is a way to make close friends and really grow together as Christians in ways that you can't in a large group. They are really cool, actually. Greg and I have been a part of two, and we have become incredibily close to both groups.

  3. Just a little side note to your side must have inherited "Papaw" muscles! Love you both, Aunt Janet



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