Tuesday, June 30, 2009

My Best Friends' Wedding

The happy and beautiful couple (that makes me look pasty white!).

Yes, all of you grammar people, the apostrophe did come after the "s" in the title of this post. That's because last weekend, Greg and I went to the wedding of two of my best friends from college.

I met Bo my first semester at Henderson and since we were both music majors, we had pretty much every class together for four years. Bo is one of the most caring and hard working people I have ever met. It seems like we went through so much together during those four years. He always listened when I needed to whine (a common occurrence), and he was always full of great advice. Watching Bo get married was like watching my big brother say "I do."

Bo, me, and Katie at my Senior Recital in 2007.

One day, just after Greg and I started dating, Bo and I were in Walmart in Arkadelphia, and he saw this blonde girl go down an isle. He immediately freaked out and was like, "I go to church with her, and I would love to talk to her. She's beautiful!" So I convinced him to go talk to her while I went to find coffee filters. Well 10 minutes later, they were STILL talking, so I just wandered around Walmart for an hour pretending to look for coffee filters while they flirted on isle eight. I knew that day that Hailey was the one for my best friend, Bo.

Hailey, you are a lucky girl.

As quickly as I grew to know Hailey, I grew to love her as well. Hailey moved away to Oklahoma for graduate school a few months later. In that short time, I can say that she became one of my most trusted, Christian friends. I admire Hailey for so many reasons. I love her smile, laugh, sense of humor, and spiritual soundness. If Hailey had stayed in Arkadelphia longer, I truly think we would have become BFFs! It should also be said that Hailey caught the bouquet at my wedding! Honestly, I wouldn't want Bo to marry anyone else.

Bo, you are a lucky guy.

The groom's cake was awesome and perfect for the bride and groom (two musicians)!

Old college friends - Katie, Kristian, and me at the wedding.

Believe it or not, I actually got Greg out on the dance floor!

I have no idea who these people are. But they obviously found my camera and left me a memento, ha!

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