Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Par-tay!

Greg and I went to a Halloween party last week with the young professionals from our church. (yeah, yeah... we skipped church for a Halloween party. Heathens I know. We did have an elder and a priest present though...)

professional wrestlers

Lilly Truscott and Hannah Montana

Hannah Montana and Billy Ray Cirus

The Perfect Sermon: "fire" and "brimstone" ...and... a firefighter and his fire dog

~ Ironically ~

a firefighter and his fire dog

Super Mario

a priest and pregnant nun

Richard Simmons and... a client

a bumblebee and Braveheart

a redneck and Wendell Beall (an elder at our church)


an awesome eighties couple!

Yes, that is crimped hair and a mullet.

Greg helping Jennifer try on his mullet and 'stache

haha, Only because I love you, Jenn!

My mullet portrait. Grossly close to my 2nd grade school pic.
(If Greg ever runs for public office, I may regret this.)

HAPPY HALLOWEEN from the Northens!!

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