Friday, November 27, 2009

Who spiked the punch?!

Ladies and Gentlemen... This is my beloved family. Thanksgiving 2009.

Our day started off with an enormous lunch with which we all delightfully gorged ourselves.

The Kaminshine Klan

cousin Paul asleep on the couch

Seriously... he's the greatest uncle.

Love this picture! Mumzy, Pop, and Peyton
Aunt Janet recently came across some embarrassing letters that my mother wrote to her in college. So she did what any loving sister would do. She had us read them out loud. Ahhh sisterly love.
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Erin's turn

Mom is getting nervous because she knows she is about to get ROASTED!

Please watch the progression of Lance's face as he reads his letter.
Aunt Janet aught to be careful. We may have another ROAST next Thanksgiving (and I'm not talking about the turkey).

Now for some normal (well as best we could anyways) family photos.

My immediate family

Peyton on Daddy's shoulders

Guthrie cousins
(Needless to say, we're not the most photogenic bunch.)

Lieblongs + baby boy(!!) + Erin's mom (who I'm sure went home wondering what kind of family her daughter married into)

My new favorite pic of me and A-day.

The best family ever.

I hope you're Thanksgiving Day was as memorable as ours!

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  1. You have to admit it was really FUN to watch your mother and your dad's faces as the letters went from sweet to "how many guys did your mom ditch?" to the last one that brought us to tears of laughter!!! And yes I am worried about next year...if she even waits that long. Love you all with all my one can do more than family to help fill a loss of a lifelong friend.Thanks for your special touch and humor...Your lucky aunt Janet



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