Thursday, February 11, 2010

celebrity look-a-likes

February is National Celebrity Look-A-Like Month on Facebook. You are supposed to figure out which celebrity you look most like and make them your profile picture. I know it sounds really geeky, but its HILARIOUS to see everyone's celebrity look-a-like!

I had some trouble coming up with mine though. It's hard to judge yourself as to who you look like. I would love to have thrown Heidi Klum's picture up there and called it a day's work, but I didn't figure anyone would buy it. Seriously, I thought of everyone from Uma Thurman to Kimmy off of Full House (remember her!?!). Finally, I decided to go with Anne Hathaway.

She's got bangs, brown hair, and an oval-shaped face like mine. But mostly, I just like her. That's pretty much my rationale for choosing her.

Greg, however, has changed his picture a couple of times, and I can't stop laughing when I see it. (And if you know Greg personally this will be a lot funnier.)

Here's the real Greg trying to look all tough.

Here's a side view from a trip to Cambodia (the only one I could find).

His initial choice of a celebrity look-a-like was....

George Costanza

But not long after, he gave George the boot and found a new celebrity that I find much more befitting considering Greg's funny boy personality.

So his new celebrity is...

Drum roll please...

You guessed it...

Jack Black.


Yes, I know that face well. That's my husband. In a nutshell.

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