Wednesday, February 24, 2010

She's a blogger. Now if only she were still an Arkansan.

My dearest friend Elisha (you can call her "Eli," "Lish," "Real Biddy," whatever) now has a blog, Discovering the Dudleys, and I am so happy.  It is going to be a great blog because Elisha is so funny and talented, plus she is a great writer.  I was laughing out loud when I read her first post.  She also has her own business, "Petal Flower Company."  I'm telling you, this girl is too talented for her own good.  Now if we can just get her to move back to Arkansas...

Here we are at her wedding in Lynchburg.  Isn't she pretty?!

This is just for giggles.

Here is a picture of a picture of her in our wedding, ha.

And lest we forget this picture from high school.  I won't say which one she is, but she is not on the back row, and she is not wearing a white shirt.

Now go say "Hi" to Elisha on her blog!


  1. 1. Thank you for this post and shout out. I am honored.
    2. I thought you were going to BURN that picture?!?!?!? AHH! That's so unfortunate.
    3. I will give you a call when I come visit next. :)
    4. I love how you were a part of the "food sneaker iners" to our wedding ceremony.
    5. Thank you for all the compliments and I am excited to be a part of the blogging world.

  2. whoops, this was from the wrong blog. sorry.
    it's elisha by the way :)



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