Sunday, April 4, 2010

A different kind of Easter.

Greg and I had a different Easter today.  We usually go spend Easter with our families, but we were so exausted from Chicago and just having long weeks, that we decided to stay up here for the holiday.   I got a little emotional about it last night because this is the first Easter I haven't spent with my family.  But we spent the morning with our Church family, and then my sister and niece came to see us!! 

(Our hard drive is too full for me to Photoshop anyting right now, which means that I'm going to have to wait and doctor up these photos at a later date.)

After Church, we went out to eat and then the Easter Bunny hid eggs for Peyton... and he might have saved a little chocolate for me  ;)

Please excuse our half mown yard.  The lawn mower ran out of gas.

I love them!!
Thank you for coming to see me on Easter!

And in case you haven't chuckled today, please look back at this picture of Mumzy, A, and Peyton from last year's Easter egg hunt at the courthouse. 

P.S.  Adrienne, I just found an egg in our couch.

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  1. Did the egg have chocolate in it? :-) Peyton will be very disappointed if it did. We had a good time! I love the pictures and I want to see more. - Sis



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