Saturday, November 27, 2010

Turkey Week Recap

 Greg and I went to my parents' house for Thanksgiving break.  I had the whole week off from school, and Greg had Wednesday through Friday.  So we headed down on Wednesday morning.

Thanksgiving day was full of "liquid sunshine" where we were! 

But that doesn't matter when you have a delicious turkey to enjoy with your family.

And the world's best coconut cake to go with it!

Greg and his dad have a duck lease with some friends in Almyra, so he got up at 4:00am and went hunting every morning.
Does anyone have any good duck recipes??

Friday night, I helped put up my mom's Christmas tree!

(and only shattered one ornament)

Saturday, Greg's parents came in from TX, and I went with my mother-in-law to a craft fair.  Then we came home and watched Arkansas beat LSU 31-23! 

Greg bought me a new Mack's Prairie Wings t-shirt, and the in-laws bought me a new Rangers AL Champions t-shirt!!  Love them both... thanks, guys!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving week full of food, fun, and family!!
P.S. I'm serious about those recipes... I have no idea how to cook a duck.

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  1. I can help with the duck recipe Janice! Blackened Duck Breast with Cherry Balsamic Reduction. Sounds delicious huh? Tell Greg to call me if he can't remember my instructions. Gabe



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