Sunday, December 5, 2010


Hopefully, everyone had a restful and enjoyable weekend.  Greg has been studying for finals like a mad man for days now, and I have been playing catch-up from a busy week at school. 

Saturday, however, I did something deserving of an Olympic medal.  It was seriously monumental.  I did ALL my Christmas shopping and wrapping in one day.  I mean everything, people.  I got up Saturday morning, made a list of everyone I wanted to buy for and what I wanted to get them.  Next I organized my list by store (I'm not really sure what got into me).  Then I did some warm-ups, said a prayer for sanity, and headed out the door. 

Six hours later, MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.  
All presents wrapped and under the tree.  What a day.

I hope your holiday shopping is getting under-wrap (sorry, I couldn't resist). 

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