Sunday, April 10, 2011


I'm finally getting around to posting pictures from our trip to Seattle last month.  Greg had a moot court competition there, and so I happily took the opportunity to tag along (they needed me, right??).  

When we weren't in the courthouse, we were usually at the Market.  I'm pretty sure we went there every day!

At the front of the market, beware.  There are some guys who have this fish head connected to a rope.  And as you lean in to get a good look at the fish, they'll yank the rope and scare the mess out of you.  I fell for it . . . twice actually.

Down at the market is the original Starbucks!!  Of course, we had to grab a cup of Joe just to say we did. 

We also got to visit "Post Alley" at the Market where, as you can see, there's a lot of gum.  I'm pretty sure that as a teacher, this is my worst nightmare.  I felt a strong urge to start handing out Saturday school to everyone around.

If you're ever in Seattle and you like art, you should stop by the Seattle Art Museum.  They have quite a variety from ancient to modern.  We both enjoyed our morning there!

Greg's kind of art :)

Of course, we took the monorail across town to the Space Needle.
(Suddenly, I'm having flashbacks to the Windy City!)

Just before we left, we were able to make a quick visit to Pioneer Square and then to China Town.  


(Look close.  See the rainbow!?!?!)
Oh, Seattle.  For such a huge city, you are surprisingly quaint, and I like you.  I hope to see you again someday!!

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