Monday, May 23, 2011

Greg Northen, J.D.

I CANNOT believe I am writing this post already, but it's official.  Greg graduated from law school on Saturday.  Whoooo Hoooooo!!!!!

We pretty much celebrated all week with family, good food, and fun times.

Saturday morning, we got up early, went to Rick's for breakfast, and came home to start lunch.  We had an early lunch at our house with Greg's family and mine.

Pre-Graduation Family Photos

The Ceremony - being Hooded

Receiving his diploma


Brother and sister lawyers :)

Here's a pic from when Greg graduated with his undergraduate degree from Harding University.  We were engaged at the time (as I'm sure you can tell from the standard, engaged couple pose).

And four wonderful years later, law school. 

Tyler Humphries, J.D., this one is for you!!!!

And this one...

And this one, too!

We thought that Saturday was going to be stormy and ugly, but it turned out to be absolutely beautiful!  We were really blessed to have such a good week and weekend with our families while we celebrated Greg's hard work.  But unfortunately, the hard work is not over yet...

It's now time to study for the Bar.  Yikes.

I'm so happy for you, "Dr. Northen!"  I am abundantly blessed to share my life with you.  Now, stop reading the blog, and go study those books!!


  1. Congrats to Greg! I love the cake with the Razorback crawling up! It's so cute!

  2. Congrats to Greg!! And good luck with the Bar!! I'll be finished in 181 days (not that I'm counting.... )




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