Wednesday, June 15, 2011

House Hunters: No Such Luck

Greg and I have been house hunting for a while now.  It seems to be an endless endeavor that I'm beginning to think will never come to fruition.  We've got jobs, a down payment, and a terrible economy on our side.  But apparently, between the two of us, we are the pickiest people alive.  However, the good news is that to our surprise, we recently spotted ourselves in a TV commercial. 

This is our story...



  1. Move to Cabot. We LOVE it here. Tons of fantastic homes and it's a great community. Plus, it comes with a friend. ;)

  2. Oh Janice! I love this, but hate it at the same time. Picky is good, but I know you want to find something right...and quickly! I'm praying!



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