Saturday, September 3, 2011

Passed The Bar!!!!!!!!!!!

The 2011 Arkansas Bar Results were posted yesterday afternoon at 4:00pm.  It might have been the most agonizing day of our lives.  Greg came over to my school, and we prayed, held hands, and downloaded the results . . .

The most beautiful words I've ever seen . . .  Greg Northen passed The Bar!  Whoooo Hooo!!

Checking to see if all of his friends passed as well . . .

When we got home, we had a package waiting on us.  It was his article in the Food Law Journal that was recently published.

I'm not sure if it was irony or what that he received his final copy of the article on the day The Bar results were released.  None the less, it was pretty exciting to come home to.

(If you'd like some light reading to add to your personal library, let me know because they sent us twenty-five copies.)

I about cried when I opened it up and saw my name in the acknowledgements.  That was a very exciting moment for this wife who, honestly, still hasn't even read the article.

Anyways, Friday was a good day for us, and we truly appreciate the band of pray-ers who have lifted Greg up in prayer the past few weeks.  We love you!

Congratulations to everyone who passed the Arkansas Bar . . . And as my boss told me, take Monday off :)


  1. WOW! Praise God! So, does he have a job lined up? Enjoy your day off on Monday :)

  2. CONGRATS!!! That is SO exciting!!!! :) I'm sure it's been a long road for you both. Go celebrate!



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