Sunday, October 23, 2011

September & October

Since Greg and I just got internet in our new house a week ago, here is a catch-up post on all major events that have transpired since the beginning of September... starting with going to Fayetteville again (tear) for a HOGS game.

The best parts of the game were my parents going with us, tailgating, seeing my cousins, and seeing these girls.  (Lots of tears. Gushing tears.)

We stopped by my sister's on the way home to see the kids.  

Riley's "Alfalfa" cowlick cracks me up.  Poor thing.

We closed on our new house in September, and immediately got to painting!  

When we moved from Fayetteville, we sold all of our furniture so that we didn't have to haul it with us.  The below picture shows all the living room furniture that we had for about a month.  Greg was crossing his fingers hoping the bunny ears would work.

A bunch of people have been asking to see "after" pictures of the house.  Well, as of right now, there's not really much to see.  It's going to be slow going, but we love our house and are trying to be patient about putting it all together.  So, there will be "after" pictures . . . I just don't know when.

When we got "home" from closing (as in walked into our new house together), Greg had flowers sitting on the kitchen bar for me with the sweetest note.  I think I did the ugly cry.

About a week later, we celebrated my mom's 60th birthday with a surprise party at my Uncle Ross and Aunt Linda's house.  

Of course, we had the AR vs. Alabama game on TV.

Greg also got sworn into the Arkansas Supreme Court a few weeks ago.

Finally, finally, finally official.

And if you are still with me in this montage of photographs, I would like to leave you with a picture of our NOT-A-DENIM couch.  Regardless of what Greg tells you, it's navy blue canvas.  It took twelve weeks to arrive (we ordered it in July), but it was totally worth it.  I'm sitting on it right now all comfy cozy and watching game four of the World Series.  Go Rangers


  1. I love all the pictures! Looks like you guys have had a fun couple of months!

  2. Loving the picture of Riley's hair! Now that it's getting longer, it occasionally will lay down. BUT when it does, it looks like a combover. Not much better. :-) Adrienne



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