Sunday, March 11, 2012


So I kind of took a sabatical from blogging for a while.  My schedule at work has been absurd, thus my blog took the back seat.  It's not summer break yet, but it is officially 4th quarter, and things are starting to look peachy again. 

I took my students to a choir competition last week in Searcy.  Well, it's really just a competition against yourself where each individual choir gets ranked as a Division One through Division Five choir (One being the best). 

Ninety-nine choirs performed at CPA last week.  It was like Choir-palooza... My dream come true.

All our choirs did awesome and made Maestro Northen very proud!  They all got either Division One or Two, but the JR High Girls Choir swept it away with "ones" accross the board.  Way to go, ladies!!

(This picture is from their mass rehearsal for their Christmas Concert.)
I love these kiddos.

Spring Break is approaching rapidly.  I'll try to get around to a little blogging amongst all the napping, eating, and snuggling with my dog that I'll be doing.

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