Saturday, April 14, 2012

How To Remove Popcorn Ceiling & A Garage Make-Over

When Greg and I bought our house, one of the major projects we wanted to tackle was our garage.

  Not only was it filthy, but it had a garage door that didn't always open, broken blinds, a grease covered floor, and dirty popcorn walls.... Yes, some previous owner thought it would be a good idea to popcorn the WALLS.

A new garage door opener + scraper + paint + epoxy + elbow grease = A garage I am happy to come home to!

The first thing we had to do was clear out all Greg's hunting stuff and take down the mirror left hanging on the wall (anyone need a mirror?!).

Then we got to work.  Removing the popcorn off the walls was actually the easiest part of it all. 

 You simply spray a section with water (Greg used our weed sprayer), let it soak about 30 seconds, and scrape. 

Surprisingly, it is quite effortless once the popcorn softens from the water.  I'd say it took about 1.5 hours to scrape the entire garage.  The only thing we wish we had done differently, was that we should have put down a disposable drop cloth underneath us as we scraped because clean-up was NOT fun.

Halfway done!  I was pretty nervous at this point because as you can see, it looks much worse after you scrape than before.

We painted the walls with Benjamin Moore's "Raccoon Hallow," used an epoxy kit to paint the floor, painted the baseboards, hung new faux-wood blinds, and Greg installed a new garage door opener that works every time!

You can still see a bit of texture on the walls from the popcorn when the light hits it at just the right angle, but to me, it just serves as a reminder of what the garage once was :)

Greg's finishing touch...

We still have a few more projects on the house that we would like to complete, but home is starting to feel sweeter and sweeter!


  1. Your garage looks fabulous!!!! I have to ask- what is the thing next to the door going inside (where the mirror used to be)?

  2. Thanks Rachel!! It is a chalkboard (I forgot to mention it in the post). We had it hanging in our old house, and I just don't have a place for it in this one, so I thought it would be a good idea to hang it by the door so we can leave each other a note if we need. But we haven't used it once, ha. It was a good thought :)



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