Thursday, January 22, 2009

keep up the prayers...

Please continue praying for my family. The hardest part for me is that I cannot be close enough to help them. Gramps being gone is still very surreal for me. I tear up whenever I think about the fact that he is not here anymore. The early family Christmas that we had last month was so nice. It hurts to think about how happy we were then. Most of all, I worry about my family. Please keep praying.

Also, please continue praying for my friend, Bonnie. Our ladies Bible study group started a Beth Moore series tonight on Ester (Greg said there must be a lot of ESTERogen in the room), and I am really excited to learn more about how God is present even when we don't see or sense him. I hope Bonnie benefits from it, because I know none of us still understand why this has happened. Her blog is on the right, Sweet Caroline, if you want to read some of the incredible things she has written. Her faith is an inspiration to me. So keep up the prayers!

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