Monday, January 26, 2009

B-day Surprise!

Twinkle Toes

Megan, Autumn, Lee, and the 2 biggest pizzas ever.

All of the ladies...

Bonnie and Caroline

Cute moment... Caroline and Lakyn hugging on Tennille.

Amber and me

The official scores, boo!

Greg and I went bowling on Saturday night for Bonnie's surprise 30th b-day party. As you can see... we had a lot of fun! I had a real good time getting to know everyone even better. I prayed so hard that we would find as good of friends up here as we had in Little Rock, and was a bit disappointed when we didn't right away. Greg kept telling me to be patient, and he was right. I finally feel like we are making good friends and memories that we will always love and remember wherever life takes us. My bowling, however, not so hot. The bottom picture shows that I (player #3) bowled a 68. And that's with NO gutter guards, thank you. Maybe I need to take a few more lessons from my professional bowling dad and grammother. Greg bowled a 156. I probably don't need to mention that I have been hearing about it ever since. After bowling, we went back to some of the guys' house and played, you guessed it... more Rock Band.

A bit of good news concerning school (although I will be eating my words in June), it's sleeting tonight, and school has already been cancelled for tomorrow. We got out early today at 1:00. Greg and I worked out, rented a movie, made spaghetti, and are camped out for the next day or two. I just pray that our power doesn't go off! The weather man said this storm "could rival the storms of 2000." So I am pretending that I didn't hear him say that.

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