Sunday, February 8, 2009

All bandaged up!

Pop, Aunt Janice, and Peyton
I told her to smile for the camera, and she looked up and smiled at me instead.

Peyton got to come home from AR Childrens Hospital today! ACH has arranged for the Home Health nurses from St. Edwards Hospital to come and work with Peyton at home. I drove to Fort Smith today to see P and everybody else. As you can see, her right arm is secured across her body, and usually she wears a sling (which she thinks is a purse.). She has a splint in her left leg and it is wrapped up as well. She can't walk on it yet. Adrienne and Marshall have had to learn how to give Peyton her medicine through her IV and will do that three times a day for two more weeks. I think everyone (especially Marshall and Adrienne) is nervous about the next couple of weeks and not looking forward to what they are facing. But at the same time, we are all incredibly relieved that this will pass quickly and that there is no life-long diagnosis for P to live with. Thank you, God!

As for now, Adrienne, Marshall, and both sets of grandparents are in for a LOT of Elmo!!

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