Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Good news and bad news

"Dr. Peyton" at Halloween

I have good news and bad news today.

My 20-month old niece, Peyton, is at Arkansas Children's Hospital right now, and they are getting ready to do surgery. At times, she cannot walk at all because of fluid on her knee. Also, she cannot move her right arm at the shoulder, and she screams because it hurts her back when you lift her legs to change her diaper. She truly is in a lot of pain. Please, please, please hit your knees that she will be OK and not have any long-term repercussions from whatever this is. Pray that it will pass soon and be easily treated. Also, pray for my sister and family as they are scared and tired. Thank you!

OK now the good news. Greg and I got power back yesterday morning after a week of no electricity! We have had so much cleaning up to do, but we are thankful to be able to do it! I walked in our bedroom yesterday and didn't even flip the light switch. I was working in the dark and finally realized that I could turn the light on. Oops... old habit! Most of all, I have to thank Justin and Amanda a million times for letting us live with them for a week. What great friends!

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  1. Hey, Janice! Thanks for getting the word out about Peyton. You might mention that this pic was taken on Halloween. She is not a doc yet!

    Love you and Greg both very much,



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