Thursday, February 5, 2009

Promising progress

Peyton LOVES to read!

Playing with a friend.

Somebody got into the kitchen drawers!

Today proved to be a very promising day for "P." She had surgery at about 1:30 this afternoon to remove the fluid off her knee and shoulder. During surgery, some test results came in showing that her "virus" that they have been dealing with for a month is actually Kingella (a bacteria that disguises itself as a virus). It is hard to diagnose, so thank goodness she got to Arkansas Children's Hospital. The antibiotic she was started on yesterday is the appropriate one to treat Kingella. Also, Kingella pretty much requires surgery to get rid of, so everything that has been done to this point has been the right thing! Peyton will be released from the hospital when the tubes in her shoulder and knee stop draining and everything looks ok. She still, however, will be on an IV for two more weeks. She will have a stint in her leg to keep it straight and a sling for her arm for two weeks as well. Last I talked to my mom, P was resting very peacefully (thanks to the Morphine, I am sure), and when she is awake, she loves for her daddy to hold her!

Basically, the next two weeks will be difficult, but we will take them! The doctors expect a full recovery. Her surgeon said that someday, all she will have to show of this is a few battle wounds!

Thank you for your prayers, and please don't stop. Pray for Peyton's recovery, and also for Adrienne, Marshall, and my parents as they all will be working hard to take care of her. We believe in prayer and are comforted by the number of people who are keeping Peyton in their thoughts. Thank you again!

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  1. yay! im so glad everything is looking up! mom told me last night about what was going on and your family is in our prayers! tell your parents to let us know if they need anything at all! xoxo



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