Tuesday, July 14, 2009

goodbye apartment

Since Greg and I are in the midst of moving to a new rent house across town (new pics coming soon), I thought I would post pictures of our old apartment.

This was actually our 2nd apartment. Our first would be the one in Benton for $375/month - water included- with no heat (we got married in December, mind you!), and the raccoons and crazy man with the shot gun that would sometimes walk on the roof. Wow... we really were living on love! This puppy was quite the upgrade though, and we will surly miss it!

The HUMONGO Living Room. (You are only seeing about a third!)
When I made the curtains I did not line them. So they shown like highlighter green during the day when the sun came through. I was on a budget here, people!

La Cocina.
A view into the kitchen where I slaved away daily, ha.

Guess who's bathroom: mine or Greg's?

How did you know? What gave it away?!

and Greg's bathroom.
We might have had a few "marital discussions" about that tiny plant on the counter. I don't see the big deal.

The Master Bedroom.
Oh, how I yearned to slap some color around on those walls (and drop-kick the ceiling fan out the window)!


Here it comes......

The reason we NEED to move.....

Brace yourself.....

The Office/Guest Room/Traveling Souvenirs Room/Storage Room. AHHHHHH!!!!!

P.S. Say "goodbye" to that desk, too. Its being replaced (big smiles from me) and you'll be hearing about it!

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