Sunday, July 12, 2009

Happy 12th? of July

These pictures were taken over 4th of July weekend (yes I
do realize I am eight days late, thanks). Peyton came down for a visit and we all had ourselves a great time doing, you know... 2-year old stuff.

Saturday we went to the Bennett's house in the Village for some more lake-time and good food (Thanks Mrs. Paula and mom-in-law Gail!).

We introduced Peyton to Lake Balboa and let's just say that she wasn't too thrilled about it.
Lucky for her, she's got tubes in her ears, so we didn't make her swim laps...

...this time. :)

The kiddy swimming pool
beside the lake however, was much more appealing to her.

I love me some Peyton!

Why can't we all be so lucky as to have an uncle like this!?

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