Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Pink is the new Black

Recently, I purchased this brand new (well to me anyway) bubble-gum pink coffee table for our new cough rent cough house. I happened upon it at a yard sale in Bryant last week. It was piled high with nick-nacks and stuff, but I just looooved the table itself.

She's a beauty, huh?!?

So after throwing everything off the table and praying that I wasn't going to see a "NFS" sign, I found the price sticker.


Yes, true "Dave Ramsey would be proud" moment. I know.

Greg would have a conniption if I left it pink, so I am still wavering on what color(s) to use.

Since the table had been painted with latex a few times already - white, blue, then (G's favorite) pink - it has to be stripped before I can work any magic (oil-based of course because I do plan on propping my feet upon it daily).

Stay tuned. "AFTER" pics in the making...

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