Thursday, July 23, 2009

summertime and the livin' is easy

I have no idea how it happened, but every time Greg and I went back up to Fayetteville this summer we always hung out with the same group of people. We didn't plan it that way... it just happened that the six of us would always be together when we wanted to go do something. So in honor of the memories that the six of us made, here are photos of some of our adventures from summer '09.

The girls: Nellie, Jennifer, and me


The Guys: Chef Gregory showing off his grilling skillz to Amory and Tyler.

Side note - Sometimes I like to call Greg "Emeril." Not because of his culinary talents, but because they totally look alike. Please compare the following:


...and Emeril

... and Greg one more time.
See?! I told you.

Now here is picture of Jennifer sleeping in a rocking chair.

Isn't this the cutest dog ever? Her name is Katie Bell and we found her in a store one day when we went shopping. I almost did a separate post for this picture alone and called it "Pink is the New Black, Part Two."

Katie Bell's owner uses cake icing to dye her hair pink. This is pretty much Greg's nightmare though... she's a poodle and she's pink.

I am sorry Amory, but Greg made me do it.
So here is one for payback!!

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