Tuesday, September 8, 2009

totally worth it

So, I found a GREAT deal on this mahogany desk at the Habitat for Humanity store in Benton three months ago.

I heart the Humanity store.

The desk was originally priced at $200 (already a steal), but after a little heckling, I only paid $30 for it! Ok, so they wouldn't come down past $50, so my mom threw in the other $20. Thanks Mom!

Yes, I honestly did think,
"Hmmmm... I bet I can strip, sand, and restain this desk in about a week or two."

Well... It ended up taking ALL SUMMER LONG!!!

But I looooove it!


I put a bow on it and had it in the driveway when Greg got home from work.

Sorry there are no pics of stripping the old varnish off. Although rest assured, Greg many many-a-jokes about me "stripping" that week.

Just look at the color contrast on the top of that desk... beautiful already!

Didn't want to mess up my new pedicure!

The staining process. Warm Chestnut it is.

Yes, I have painted a thing or two in those shorts. They've seen better days. But hey, my mom still paints in her old maternity clothes (and I'm the youngest child... you do the math).

Some detail work.

A few coats of poly and the AFTER photo.

Fit for a lawyer (or a blogger)!



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