Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Happy Birthday, Pop!

Saturday was my wonderful dad's 60th birthday! He came up to Fayetteville with my mom and Grandmother for some b-day celebrations with the fam. Unfortunately, my sister and niece were sick so they didn't get to come. But the five of us had a good time anyway!

(Here's a pic I stole from my sister to show you how big my niece is getting!!!!!)
She's like a little girl now... I know.

We decided to start the festivities with some competitive bowling.

"Birthday Boy Dad"

"Twinkle Toes Greg"

"Can't-Bowl-Anything-Other-Than-A-Straight-Ball Janice"

Final Scores...
Janice 121
Dad 140
Greg 143
And the winner is...

"Game-Face Grandmother" with 144! She's still got it!
(I think the guy on the lane next to us was laughing that the grandmother beat everyone else.)

Dad's cake was from Rick's Bakery and turned out really cute! I couldn't decide what I wanted to have put on it until I saw this picture...

Haha, since Dad is a pro scuba-diver (ok not really, but he's good) I thought it was fitting. And it made me laugh out loud.

Me, Mom, and Dad (and Adrienne in spirit)

Me, Dad and Grandmother

and the whole gang.


I can't tell you how blessed I am to have you as a father. I hope you had a great weekend!

And now I will leave you with Greg's "opera" rendition of the Happy Birthday Song that he didn't know I was filming (and everyone else did)!

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