Friday, August 28, 2009

update on THE coffee table

Last month, I blogged about THIS COFFEE TABLE that I found at a yard sale in Bryant this past summer.

You remember... my amazing find for just one buck-a-roo!

Well I was waiting until we moved back up to Fayetteville in our new house to paint it because I didn't know what colors I wanted to use until I got everything into the new living room.

Well, I finally got my colors picked out and started working on the coffee table...

... and voilĂ !

The finished product.
At first, I thought it might be too bright, but I wasn't going to buy anymore paint (I mean, it was just a $1 table) so I decided to leave it alone. After some time and some really nice comments from my friends, I must say the color is beginning to grow on me.
Already getting it's money's worth.
Don't worry... those aren't my hairy legs!

P.S. At that same yard sale, I actually spent $2. "Where did the other dollar go?" you are thinking.
Well I also bought this bad boy...
It will be a while before I post a follow-up on the bench though because it is buried in this room.
I dare you to try and find it...So........ we still have a little more unpacking to do, ha, but I'll post pics as we go.
Have a happy weekend!

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