Thursday, August 13, 2009

let me introduce you to my new friend

Recently, my mother and I made a trip to Fayetteville to paint our new house before Greg and I moved back up (last weekend).

Yup, you are seeing that right... its a lime green wall. And I looooove it! (I'll post more house pics later.)

On the way home, we decided to stop at Marketplace Grill in Conway for some good eats and something a little odd happened.

Now if you have read my blog in the past, I hope you read THIS ENTRY about two of my best friends' wedding.

If you did, then you might remember this picture:

Look at it closely now...

REMEMBER that I had no idea who these people were. When I got my camera back it just had this random picture of these random people on it.

Well, Mom and I sat down and began reviewing the menu when our waiter walked up, and it was this guy:

Haha, I recognized him immediately. I texted Hailey to see if it could be him, and she said it was!

What a small, crazy world.

Moral of the story: Be careful who's camera you snatch!

And next time you are at Marketplace, ask for Kevin... he's a great waiter!

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  1. You're "you might also like" links led me to this post and this is HILARIOUS!!!!! OH my!!! That's so funny!



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