Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Story of My Big Green Wall

When G and I moved into our new house this summer, I knew I had to have some color on my walls. I mean... I've been deprived for a while now with apartment white, so I decided to go drastic.

And I mean drastic...

After adding sofa covers and a few decorations, I've really grown to love my two green walls!

I was left with the problem, however, of a huge green wall over my sofa with nothing to hang on it. Actually, I was OK with nothing on it, but Greg kept complaining that the room didn't look finished. (Yes, I am just as shocked as you are that he even noticed.) But I wasn't going to hang just anything up...

Well, I found this window pane at the Flying Dog in Fayetteville with Nellie. Silly me forgot to take a "before pic" before I started working on it, but lets just say it was covered in fabric about like this:

So after finding some fabric scraps from a local store, my new window pane was transformed into this...!

And it looks perfect next to my favorite thing of all time...

Ahhh... Mr. and Mrs. can both be happy again.


  1. Came across your blog by googling "what to do with an old window pane". I love your idea.. I too have a huge blank wall with nothing on it, trying to fill it up with something.
    Thanks for the idea

  2. which brand and color # is your green wall? very nice. I'm trying to paint one wall green as well, but haven't find the perfect green color yet.



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