Friday, October 9, 2009


Greg and I traveled down to Arlington, TX this past weekend with some friends for some Hogs vs. Aggies at the new Cowboy's stadium. It was pretty much an awesome weekend.

The whole crew.

This summer, Greg got to tour the inside of the stadium with his dad. I had only seen the outside when we were there for the weekend for a Ranger's Game.

Here's a good pic of the entire stadium (well all I could get with my camera anyways). No worries... those weren't our seats.

We started off in the student section and our friends were off somewhere else. At half-time we found these seats and all got to sit together. This was our view for the rest of the game... no big deal.

Greg ran into two of his high school buddies, Tyler and David.

After the game, we waited in the rain for our shuttle. When we finally got on, we waited and waited and waited some more to go anywhere. Traffic was gridlocked.

So we jumped out of the shuttle and walked back to our hotel... 3.2 miles away. It made for some good memories.

Here's a pic from where we sat at the Georgia game. Bad seats make for great pictures!!

And just to make your day, I leave you with a picture of a car that was right in front of me this afternoon as I was driving home from work...

Go Hogs... beat Auburn!

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