Tuesday, October 20, 2009

If you can cook, I need your help!

Recently at school, we started club days. Each teacher was asked to sponsor a club. Well I love to cook (never said I was any good at it, but I love it none the less), so I decided to sponsor the cooking club. Last week was our first club day. My 6th and 7th grade kiddos made a dirt cake for their first creation.
The finished product (It tasted better than it looks!)
Next week on Wednesday is our 2nd club day, and I DO NOT KNOW what to have them make!
We have 20 minutes. ONLY 20 minutes.
**That means we have to cook, eat, and be cleaned up in 20 minutes!**
Also, I would like to avoid chopping, mincing, slicing or anything else that involves knives.
Unpredictable 12 year-olds + knives = I loose my job.
We do however have a full kitchen: microwave, stove, oven, refrigerator.

Since we did a dessert last week, I would really like to do something different for our 2nd meeting. A fruit, vegetable, or entree perhaps? Bonus points for a breakfast food too because clubs meet at 7:50a.m.

So post, call, text, or email me your recipes people. I need your help. The Cooking Club needs your help!


  1. You could do pigs in a blanket with maple sausage and crescent rolls with gravy!!

  2. breakfast food = omelets or scrambled eggs with stuff in them like shredded cheese? - Aday

  3. French Toast with powdered sugar.

  4. I teach a cooking class to little kids every summer school and we do really easy stuff like; ricecrispy bars, monkey bread,popcorn balls, pancakes, no bake cookies, special kay bars, pigs in the blanket (crossants and hotdogs), smores,pudding, fruit pizza ( you make the crust they put on the cream cheese topping, fruit, and glaze then eat)



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