Tuesday, November 24, 2009

35 Things I'm Thankful For

Because I am too lazy to do any research myself, could someone please tell me why Christmas is celebrated in December? I remember from Bible classes growing up that Jesus was not born in December (more like early spring, I think??). So why do we celebrate it when we do?

Here's a thought. Maybe God aligned all the stars to make Christmas fall right after Thanksgiving for a reason. I find it very ironic that we spend so much time discussing what we are thankful for over the Turkey Break, then turn around and start making lists of what we want for Christmas! I am actually guilty of making lists of things I think I "need."

Maybe God wants us to carry over our thankfulness into the day when we celebrate the birth of his son. Maybe he doesn't want us to become wrapped up in gift-giving (no pun intended!).

This year, as Thanksgiving passes and our focus shifts to nativity sets and twinkling lights, let us not become consumed by the meaningless things that what we have convinced ourselves that we "need." Instead, let us keep the spirit of Thanksgiving in our minds as we continue through this holiday season.

Because I am talking to myself as much as anyone else...Here are 35 THINGS I AM THANKFUL FOR (in kinda-sorta-but-not-really any particular order):

  1. the significance of Christ's resurrection
  2. living in this country and the people who have fought for it
  3. a husband I don't deserve
  4. being born into a family of unfailing love
  5. marrying into a family that reminds me so much of my own
  6. our church family (How do people survive without these?) especially our most awesome life group
  7. friends I have known all my life
  8. friends I feel like I've known all my life
  9. our health
  10. our education
  11. good music that doesn't scream or whine ;)
  12. our house
  13. Thursday night ladies' Bible study
  14. a job that lets me be an artist and utilize my creativity everyday
  15. digital pianos on wheels!!
  16. having cars that run
  17. my Christmas tree (that Greg says looks like Ursula, but I think its beautiful)
  18. living in Fayetteville... even if it proves to be temporary
  19. a warm bed with clean sheets
  20. warm, fuzzy socks
  21. really warm anything because I'm cold natured
  22. having had the opportunity to travel a little and see the world in a different way
  23. having taught THIS KID last year. You made me a better teacher.
  24. students that want to learn
  25. students who may not do well in other classes, but excel in mine
  26. spell check (because I can't spell, as I'm sure you all know by now)
  27. a husband who will eat anything I cook with a smile on his face (even when I burn it black)
  28. having a carport to cover our vehicles
  29. Dave Ramsey and budgets!! (Yes, I did just say that.)
  30. being an aunt (although I'm ready to be an aunt x2...Adrienne? Brittany?!?)
  31. the fact that my husband supports my eagerness to go back to grad school
  32. parents who spent 20 years cooking for me, doing my laundry, cleaning my messes, etc... I now appreciate what it takes to maintain a house and family - and I don't even have kids
  33. having a separate bathroom from Greg. Can I get an AMEN!!
  34. the hot chocolate with marshmallows that I'm drinking as I type this
  35. the fact that it took me no time at all to think of 34 other things I'm thankful for
(And I'm thankful for Staci for taking this picture!)

I hope you get to spend this Thanksgiving holiday with the people you care about most.

What are you thankful for?


  1. I'm thankful for scuba diving!!!
    Janice, your blogs always tug at my heart. I think I'm going to check it and then move on to something else. Instead, I end up sitting here and reflecting on the amazing things you say. I love you and your sister and your families more than words will ever express. And, I love your father. Mom

  2. well it's hard to follow Anonymous' comment but I'm gonna have to agree with your #3 and DISagree with #33! - Greg



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