Sunday, November 22, 2009

another Stephens wedding

Last night, Greg and I drove to Tulsa to attend the wedding of Donny Stephens and Megan Reese. Donny is Greg's best friend, Ryan's little bro. The sermon at the wedding was beautiful, and the reception was awesome (steak dinners!!).

Mr. and Mrs: the Bride and Groom's first dance

Greg and the handsome groom, Donny

Me and G with Ryan and Laura Stephens (FYI: whose wedding is going to be featured in Southern Bride magazine next month. You can see my post of it HERE. Happy almost one-year anniversary!))

Greg and best-man, Ryan

I can't believe our two year anniversary is just a couple weeks away. All we plan to do is go out to eat because Greg has a final the next morning... boo.


Call or leave comments - Where is a fancy place to eat in NW Arkansas for a wedding anniversary? In need of suggestions.


  1. Theo's is my most favorite place in town. It's small, comfortable and fancy--all at the same time!

  2. Hey, Janice. This is Kristen (Michaels...Chris' wife). Crabby's up in Rogers is delish, and it's got a nice, intimate atmosphere. In Fayetteville, I've heard Savor is fantastic. Good luck and Happy 2nd!



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