Saturday, December 5, 2009

Deck Them Halls, Y'all

The Nester (she's amazing... I read everything she writes) recently posted an article on
How to Decorate a Christmas Tree using things you already have around your house. Unfortunately, I had already decorated ours (well over a month ago... I like to add a little yule tide to my turkey) or I might have used some of her ideas. But I decided to show you a little bit of our tree for 2009 anyways!

Probably the most unusual thing on our tree is pheasant feathers. I loooove them so much because my Aunt Sandra used them to decorate in our wedding. (I know what you're thinking... "Pheasant feathers in a wedding?!?" Yes. They were beautiful. And they were very me and Greg me.)
Really I just love anything that sprouts from a tree.

Here is one of the ornaments we received just before our wedding. Our First Christmas Together 2007... awww

This is a gift we got last year. It glitters and I like it.
This is our ornament for 2009. Ugly as dirt, I know. But it was cheap, and I figure that someday we'll look back and laugh at how funny we looked that year. "Look at Mr. Greg back when he still had hair!!!"
If you know me at all, you know that I love me some s'mores. We even had them at our wedding reception. For a moment, I thought I was going to have delicious melted chocolate dripping all down my white dress. It wouldn't have been the end of the world though. I can think of worse things.

None the less, here are s'more ornaments hanging on our tree (no pun intended... well maybe a little).

"Let's Go Camping S'More"

In case you can't read this one, it says "Our 1st Christmas 200_!"
Christmas 2006, my mom and I placed a little bet. She insisted that Greg and I would be married in the year 2007, and I thought, "No way! He's never going to propose this soon." The next day when I came home, this ornament was hanging on our tree. It has hung on our tree each year ever since as a reminder to me that somehow MOM'S KNOW EVERYTHING. We got married December 15, 2007. I still owe her $50.

Greg says this is my ornament in honor of my southern accent (although I deny that its really that bad).

This was a gift from my piano teacher, Mrs. K, in 1997.

This one I made a couple weeks ago after reading Censational Girl's post (love her, too). I already had almost everything I needed except the sequins, and they're cheap. So I decided to have a relaxing evening watching The Biggest Loser and making Christmas tree ornaments. Well, I loved the outcome, but I only made one because it took me 3 hours to make just one... THREE HOURS!! Not gonna happen again.

A pretty tree all lit up at night...

... plus a cozy fire...

... makes for a happy me.

And if you read my last post, you may be wondering what Greg's stocking at our house looks like. Because we all know now that he loves his macho stocking hanging in my parents' house...

Well here it is. Will someone please convince him that a fat little snowman stocking doesn't make him less of a man?!
I think its cute.


  1. If anyone reading this post is wondering if our Xmas tree looks like a flock of pheasants are roosting inside it and are about to bust out at any moment, then...yes.

    - Greg

  2. And I keep my loaded shotgun on standby in case a real one sneaks in during the night.

    - Greg, again.

  3. Janice, where is my 50???



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