Tuesday, December 15, 2009

bring on year three

Two years ago today, Greg and I got hitched. It truly was the happiest day of my life. Greg and I met in 8th grade at a church lock-in. I'm not going to lie and say that I always knew I would marry Greg, but I always knew I wanted to marry someone like him. He set the bar for every guy I ever dated... and believe me, there were a lot (ha just kidding... sorta). Little did I know that one day I would actually marry him.

But I don't mean for this to be too mushy-gushy. So here's a bunch of pics. Some serious. Some not so much. (And none of them are professional, fyi. I can't put those online.)

Here's us getting our marriage license.

And here is us after we realized what we had done.




the beautiful flower arrangements made by my Aunt Sandra
(You might recognize the pheasant feathers from my last post!!)
the happy couple

most awesomest bridesmaids ever

of course I had to throw in this one
This was totally candid. I promise. All the faces crack me up.

Our lovely family portrait. Just kidding!! No really... these were our flower girls and ring bearer. But you got to admit... its like looking into the future.

waiting some more
really bored at this point

now getting nervous and rehearsing my vows for the zillionth time (we wrote our own)

saying "bye" to my niece who was only 6 months old at the time

Off to St. Lucia!

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