Wednesday, December 16, 2009

2.5 L

This was how I found my husband this afternoon when I got home from school.

He deserves it though because today was his last final of the semester, which means that Greg is officially half way done with law school. Whoo Hoo!! Only three more semesters to go! And it's all downhill from here (or so we're told).

It seems like yesterday when we moved to Fayetteville for him to start his first year of law school and my first year of teaching. Boy, am I glad that year is o-v-e-r. Let's just say that this year's Letter To My Students will be waaaaay more pleasant. And FYI... the "Groundhog" analogy was not my idea. I would love to take credit for that bit of genius, but it did not originate in my brain. I first heard an administrator call the kid "Groundhog," ha. One of the best administrators ever. Seriously... they were very supportive, patient, and understanding of me in dealing with ol' "Groundhog." Couldn't have survived without them.

But back to Greg.

His last final today was four hours. I know what you're thinking. "A four hour final!?!?" That's nothing. His first final last week (yup, two weeks of finals) was eight hours long. EIGHT HOURS!! As a fellow teacher/professor said... "Who wants to grade an eight hour final?!" Seriously people.

None the less, I am super proud of how hard Greg has worked the past year and a half. He deserves a long Christmas break. And a good nap on the couch...

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