Thursday, December 17, 2009

No shoes, No Ugly Sweater, No service

Saturday night, Greg and I hosted an Ugly Sweater Christmas Party for our Life Group.

It was very... well... you'll see.

Oh Jennifer...
what do ya know... matching tacky earrings
Missed a spot, Tyler.
real life, MATCHING, HOMEMADE ugly sweaters from my childhood. You can't beat that.
Hahahaha!! Can someone please come up with a caption for this picture?! I have no words for Scott's penguin sweater.

We played Dirty Santa. The gifts? They had to be something from your home that you didn't want anymore. Seriously, where do people get these things?!

"My Treasured Friend" poem
and a Winchester knife... nice

Jennifer's ??toothbrush holder/candle holder??
very appropriate for the newly-engaged Jed... a wedding picture frame
What Christmas party is complete without a Virgin Mary pillow?
homemade toilet paper holder
third place trophy and plaque
a glass high-healed shoe. so lovely.

Greg got an ornament from David and Laura. It's very Greg.

Let me tell you he LOVED it. (Insert sarcasm here.)

Nope, this wasn't from Greg's parents. Some of our friends, Jon and Amber went to Cambodia last year and brought back a few shirts.

Janelle got Greg's gift...
a shark in a jar!! What else?

pink Dodgers hat (but my favorite thing about this picture is Nick... on the left... look closely)
Ho Ho Ho and Merry Christmas Everybody!!

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  1. WOW! That is so awesome that your in-laws are missionaries in Cambodia - I will definitely look at their blog whenever Im on here! My hubby bought me a book a while ago, all about Cambodia...Ive read some of it, but it just makes me sad that its not the right timing right now :/ Maybe over the summer we could go for a couple of weeks! Have you been on any mission trips?

    Your party looked like fun! :) I got a little chuckle out of some of those gifts and pictures.



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