Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Oh Mr. Golden Sun

I hope everyone got the chance to enjoy this glorious weather today... if you live in NW Arkansas. (If you don't then I hope you had a break from the cold too!) God sure can paint some beautiful days when he wants. The sidewalk was calling my name this afternoon when I got home from school. So I went for a relaxing walk. Not a run. Not a jog. A walk. And it was wonderful. I saw some really interesting things in our neighborhood that I have never noticed before. Like an aging celadon fence in someone's backyard that would make an awesome backdrop for a photograph. I drive by it every single day and I have never seen it. Incredible. Also, I noticed that there are an abundance of cats in our neighborhood. But don't tell Greg that because he might make us move. Anyways, I think it is supposed to storm tonight and tomorrow (which I'm not complaining about because I think storms are cozy), so hopefully you got your sunshine in today. Have a great rest of the week!

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  1. I'm so glad it was a nice day for yall! It's a great feeling to take a walk on nice days like that, especially when you notice something new about your surroundings that has been there the enitre time.

    So to answer your question about when we finished at Harding. Andrew graduated the same year Greg did. Right after that in June we got married. I was due to graduate that following year, but we had an unexpected surprise. (our little girl Eden, who is a total blessing.)I will finally have my degree through Harding this summer though. It's been a fun journey. HA!



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