Saturday, February 6, 2010

snow ice cream

Greg got the idea to make snow ice cream last weekend. (I'm a little behind on posting snow pics, but there's more to come.) I had never even heard of snow ice cream, but I'm open to trying anything with "ice cream" in the name. So we found a recipe online and went to town.

First, gather up a gallon of CLEAN snow while ignoring all the inappropriate "yellow snow" comments from your husband.

Second, mix it with two cups of whole milk, a half cup of sugar, and a tablespoon of vanilla. We only had skim milk and half & half, so I used a little of each (mainly because I didn't want to waste all my half & half).

Then, try not to look like Gomer Pyle while you are stirring.
My final critique: I did not like it. But Greg did. And I think our friends did too (or maybe they were just being nice).
Then we tried adding chocolate. That was better, but I would go easy on the vanilla if you decide to go this route.

Does anyone else make snow ice cream when it snows?
How can we make this recipe better?


  1. never heard of it, but sounds yummy!

  2. we use to make it with an ice cream maker.

  3. Yum! All we got was ice:( Come link up with the Arkansas Bloggers. You will find that link on my blog. Kathy Beaumont has designed our badge if you want to grab that.



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