Saturday, April 17, 2010

Ribbon Frame

Last weekend, I got a hankerin' to build a frame for the mirror in our master bathroom.  (Greg is embarrassed now because I said "hankerin.")  I love framed mirrors, and I have always wanted to have one.  Since we are living in a rent house though, Greg would not let me drill holes into the wall to put up a pretty frame. (I find we have this same conversation a lot.)  So I gave up on the idea and accepted that I was stuck with this... 


Then Monday night I was perusing through Hobby Lobby, and I found some ribbon that I could not live without.  And it hit me.  Frame the mirror with ribbon.  It's way cheaper and way less permanent.  

So I heated up my hot glue gun and tested a spot.  (I had to throw that in for the Landlord.  No worries, Mr. G.)  It pealed off like a charm, so I went to town. 

Again here is what I started with. 

Here was the worst part.  What makes a mirror do this? 

Two glue sticks and twenty minutes later... Ta Da!

I debated over whether or not to use wired ribbon, and I finally decided to go with it.  I am glad I did because the wire really gives it a finished, more polished look.
To make the corners, fold the edges in like this and secure with a dab of glue. 

Then fold the triangle part straight down and glue again.  Now, you cannot see any ugly edges showing underneath. 

Before a ribbon frame...

After a ribbon frame... 

I would highly recommend this method of framing a mirror if you are on a budget like me.  Like I said, it is much cheaper than wood or metal (total project cost = $4), easier to install than a real frame, and it is a good way to incorporate a little more pizazz into the room.  (Greg is embarrassed that I just said "pizazz.")

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  1. That is cute! I love it!

    And the funny part is I have that same exact ribbon that I've used to make bows for some gifts in the past.



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