Sunday, June 27, 2010

Summer Projects

 Some people have been asking me lately what I have been up to this summer since I'm not working... Ahhhh, the life of a teacher.  Well, here are some recent "junktique" finds that I plan to fix up before the summer ends.

Greg and I just bought this old door for $20 from a local flea market.  For now, it will probably lean against a wall in our house for decoration.  Ultimately, I envision it as a headboard or possibly making a table out of it.  Who knows. 

Mom bought this for her guests to set luggage on in her guest room.  We may leave it alone because it already matches the room.  But we may redo it as well.  We're still in the brainstorming stages!

I bought this magazine rack for $6 at an estate sale to set beside my bed.  I think it will be perfect to put my books in at night so they will stop piling up on the floor.  I am still wishy-washy on paint colors though.  I would like to make it a fun piece (not one solid color).  So.... comments and ideas are greatly appreciated!

I found this rolly cart thing at a thrift store nearby for $10.  When we have friends over, I am always in need of more counter space, so I thought this cart would be really handy when needed.  The only thing I have done is changed the casters to some new, shiny ones that actually work. Honestly, I think I will leave this one alone now.  It matches my kitchen already, and I like its antique look.

When I saw this chalkboard for $1, it was like it was trying to tell me something.  So I bought it fast.  I will probably add some new trim around the edges and paint it a new bright color for my kitchen.

As for my last project... Well that's a secret for now.  I will let you know at the end of the summer what it is.  But until then, here is a sneak peak because I am cruel like that.

So that, ladies and gentlemen, is how I plan to keep myself busy for the next few weeks.  Oh, and there is also my husband's other wife boat and trailor that I have been helping him to fix up.  I'll post pics later.
I hope you are staying cool in the heat.  I'm off to the pool!

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