Wednesday, September 29, 2010


The weekend before last, the law school formed a group to participate in the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation 5K.  Of course, I would have participated in the race if for no other reason than it is a good cause.  However, I had some struggles of my own in college with my blood sugar.  So per my doctor, I went on a type II diabetes diet and literally went an entire year without an OUNCE of processed sugar. 

Seriously, not a drop of this goodness...

Not a delectable bite of this heaven...

Not even a lick of this when no one was watching...

Yeah, it was about as much fun as it sounds.  But I was bound and determined to get my blood sugar under control before it was too late.  And I learned innumerable and invaluable lessons from my brush with Type II Diabetes.  

Greg and I participated in the JDRF 5K last year, and we we were excited about this year's event.   We showed up early to get a group shot before we all got sweaty, grumpy, and tired.
Me & G, Jeremy, Katie, the Kavalirs, and the Warzechas

I would encourage you to read my friend, Chelsea's (bottom right in the pic) latest blog post on her battle with type I diabetes.  She really puts into perspective what it is like to live with the disease.  It is an honest post, and I appreciate that.  Like I said in a post I wrote last year about how breast cancer has impacted my family, 
"I pray that someday we do find a cure, and we will give God the glory. But that time is in His hands."

    The 5K was a lot of fun!  I saw old students and had a good time catching up with friends.  It feels good to run for a cause (ok, so I walked the inclines).  I'm already looking forward to  next year's event...!

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