Sunday, October 10, 2010


Greg and I got home yesterday from attending the 2nd game of the Arkansas vs. Texas A&M Southwest Classic.  We went with the same group from last year plus a few more!

me, Rachel (and baby Carter!), and Jen

Greg and I spent the first quarter in the standing room only area of the stadium.  But thanks to some wonderful family friends, the Gardners, we were able to enjoy the rest of the game from a sky box.

While walking around Texas this weekend, I saw Razorback fans everywhere.  But since the Rangers are in the playoffs, I also saw many Ranger fans as well.  If you know my husband at all, you know about his undying love for me alone his beloved Rangers and Razorbacks.   So I coined a new term...


(OK, so it embarrasses Greg a little bit... He doesn't really like the phrase all that much.  But I appreciate its cleverness.)

One of the best things about the box was that we Rangerbacks, could watch both of our games at once!

Greg sprouted a few new, gray hairs during the game.  But the Razorbacks pulled it off and beat the Aggies, leading them 2-0 in the series.   Say a little prayer for the Rangers on Tuesday!



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  1. I love the way you designed the heading (NORTHENS). It's different and looks special. How did you do it?



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