Tuesday, March 15, 2011

An Official Poll

If you know my sister or read my blog, then you know she's due to have another baby girl any day now.  I think technically she's due next Saturday, but who's counting . . .except my sister ;)  So, I'm just wondering:

When do you think it's going to be?

Here are some thoughts.  

If she has her over Spring Break, it is likely that Baby Riley's birthday will always be over Spring Break when she's in school.  I think that would have been totally cool.  

BUT if she waits too long and has her on April Fool's Day, no one will believe her.  Hmmmm...

I know if there is any way at all to speed up this process, then Adrienne is more than ready and willing to get this show on the road.  My mother, however, carried Adrienne for 43 weeks.  No, that's not a typo, people.  43 weeks.  And Peyton was a late baby as well.  It runs in the family.

And of course, as ladies, we must consider her birthstone.  March is Aquamarine, which is one of my most favorite stones ever.  But April is the diamond, and what else can you say?

So, when is going to be?! 

I'm going with March 24th just because we're supposed to have nice weather that day ;)

P.S. Seattle pics are still on the way.  We had to order a new computer, and I'm waiting on it to arrive before I edit and post them.


  1. I'm going to just put all the speculation to rest and let you all know that the day will be:

    March 28, 2011.

    Sorry A, it's science.

  2. What she needs to do is go test drive an SUV on a really bumpy road. She will likely go into labor just hours later.

    Worked for me. Really. (Though it wasn't intended. Can we say "Oops?") Lol!

    Here's my shot in the dark: March 20
    It's my brother's bday, so why not? ;)

    Congrats on the impending arrival! (I'm new to your blog, remember? I haven't quite scoped out the whole thing yet, so I didn't know about this.)

    Mind if I throw out a shameless plug? I'll assume you said "No, not at all." ;)
    I have my own monogram boutique,
    The Pea Closet - Boutique Designs for the Lady, the Baby, the Home. (I also have some things on my blog which have not been placed on my website.)

    Keep us posted! I love babies, but we're all done in this family! :(

    Sophisticated Steps

  3. Ok Greg, so how did you use a scientific method to come up with the 28th? Not that I'm complaining. Anything before April will be welcome! - Adrienne

  4. Janice I agree with march 24 bc that is mine and Becky's birthday! What a perfect day to be born!!!!



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