Thursday, March 24, 2011

piano pieces

I have shared several of my favorite choral songs on this blog before, but today I thought I might share some piano favorites!

This first piece is Brahms' "Rhapsody in G Minor" Opus 79, No. 2.  The first time I heard it played in a recital by my friend, Shannon, I literally ran from the recital hall to my piano teacher asking what it was!  From what I can tell in the comments, I believe the kid in this recording is only about thirteen.  Don't you just love a child prodigy?

For the second piece, you need to listen to it at night just before bed.  I promise you will sleep (and maybe cry) like a baby.  I actually had a student once that told me she was named after this piece.  Her name, appropriately, was "Claire" since this is Chopin's famous, "Clair de lune," played on violin and piano.

Sometimes people ask me about good wedding music.  This last recording is a piece that I had played in our wedding.  It's Chopin's "Chanson de l'adieu" Op. 10, No. 3.  Technically, it means "song of farewell."  So, maybe it's not the best wedding piece, ha.  But I liked it and used it.  My pianist was one of my piano teachers from college, and I'm pretty sure she hated me for making her play this piece.  Yours will too, but it's worth it ;)

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  1. janice, what is is about clair de lune that seems to evoke such emotion? I felt the same way and I can't really put a finger on why? Thanks for sharing these :)



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