Thursday, December 29, 2011

Fire Up the Grill

When Greg was in college at Harding, he met a guy named Jim.  Jim married Chelsi in one of the most beautiful weddings ever (Think bride standing over candlelit water at sunset), and now they've become some of our best friends.  If only they would move to Arkansas...

Jim is a grill master, lawyer, and Olympic material snow skier, and Chelsi bakes pies that would make Paula Deen's mouth water.  Fortunately for us, they've started a blog!

Basically the blog is all about Jim's grilling secrets.  It's the kind of blog your husband could get addicted to (mine already has).  I even tried out one of his tips last week about soaking your asparagus in ice water before grilling to keep them from getting soggy.  Nobody likes soggy asparagus.  Thanks for the tip, Jim!

Coming soon, Chelsi is going to post about baking her famous, mouth-watering pies!  I'm kicking myself for not taking a picture before gorging myself in them last week.  

Seriously, they look and taste amazing!  

Did I mention that last time I tried to make a pie, Greg thought it was re-fried beans?!  Chelsi, you've got your work cut out for you here, my friend.  

HERE is the link to Jim's witty & informative blog about all things grilled, and HERE is the link to Chelsi's (I can already smell the goodness).  Jim is even doing a giveaway right now for his favorite seasoning.

Hurry now.  Go and get your grill on.


  1. I'm so flattered to be the subject of your blog! Hopefully, Greg and I will get to have some one-on-one grill time here in the near future. We always love visiting you guys in Arkansas!

  2. Janice, this is so sweet!! Thanks for mentioning us! It's been great to spend more time with you and Greg. I think we need to plan a couples trip in the near future. Please?? :)

    We got a new camera for Christmas, which is motivating me to post some recipes next week! You can find them at:


  3. Okay, I just spit Dr. Pepper out of mouth when I read what Greg thought your pie was!
    I am excited about their blog. This not-so deperate housewife needs all the help she can get! :)



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