Saturday, December 31, 2011

Reminiscing and Resolving 2012


In keeping with the traditions of Reminiscing and Resolving posts past, here is a recap of 2011 for the archives.

This is a list of last year's resolutions and the results:
  • Continuously seek to see the "big picture" in all things.  God is still working on my heart to teach me how to let go of the little things that don't really matter.  Sometimes I listen to Him, sometimes I don't, but I'm still working on it.
  • Be a better listener.  I read the book below and really enjoyed it.  Basically, it talks about the four most common mistakes we make when "listening" to others - defend ourselves, advise them, judge them, and slip into the "me too" mode.  I would say (and I'm sure that Greg would agree!!) that I'm still not much of a skilled listener, but I am certainly more aware of my poor listening tendencies, ha. 
  • Blog only when I want to.  It's ok if I don't document everything.  Could you tell I blogged less this year?  :)
  • For real this time, I want to run more.  And I didn't.  Shocker.
  • Continue to get rid of stuff in our house that we don't need.  I did this!  I did this!  And I want to shout it from the rooftops!!  When we moved from Fayetteville this summer, I deep cleaned every nook and cranny of our house and threw away or donated everything we didn't need.  I am so excited not to have piles of junk!  It's like a breath of fresh air! 

  • Work hard at work
  • Clean out our garage and finish the house (is it ever finished!?!)
  • Pay off half of our school loans
  • Cook more healthy meals for Greg and me like I used to do

And finally, a 2011 RECAP
  •  We had snow, snow, snow in NW Arkansas back in January giving us pretty much a three month holiday vacation!
  • Greg told me he was taking me to a new, Mongolian restaurant for my birthday, but it was actually a surprise party at my favorite Italian eatery with all of my favorite friends!
  • We took a trip to Seattle.
  • I witnessed a miracle when beautiful Riley entered this world!!!!!
  • Greg graduated from law school.
  • I taught until the middle of June thanks to the snow, snow, snow in January.  Meanwhile, Greg studied for The Bar all summer.
  • We went camping with friends.
  • We went to Ranger Baseball games, and they won the AL pennant again.
  • We moved for the bazillionth time in four years.
  • I started a new job as a high school choir director.
  • Greg passed The Arkansas Bar Exam (best day ever)!!!!!
  • Greg started his new job as an attorney.
  • We bought a new couch and Greg told everyone that it is denim (It's really navy blue canvas).
  • We bought our first house!!!
  • We drove up to Fayetteville for some Razorback football games.
  •  My mom turned 49 again, and we had a surprise party for her that I ruined at the last possible minute.
  • Tyler and Bonnie got married, and so did Will and Jennifer.

     And that was 2011, my friends.  Let's call it a wrap. 


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    2. Very nice blog.
      Happy new year to you from Italy.

    3. Just stumbled on your blog! Great to catch up with your 2011 recap.

      I loved your 2011 resolutions--and way to meet some of them. That's got to feel great, right?! (I also resolve to workout. I'm with you on the running part! ha!)

      Happy 2012 and here's to your new goals! I'll be following along now, and feel free to stop by reverie any time!




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