Saturday, January 9, 2010

framing Klimt

I have a love-hate relationship with many artists. And Gustav Klimt is no exception. I really, really love his works for multiple reasons (ok, well there are some I could do without). However, I don't know how well we would have got along in real life, again, for multiple reasons. I guess this is how I feel about Claude Debussy as well. After Bach, he might be in the running for my favorite composer of all time. He certainly is my favorite early 20th century composer. But from what I read, Debussy doesn't seem like he was the most, uhhh... how do I put this nicely... pleasant person to be around.


Regardless of how I feel about Klimt's personality (or Debussy's), I have always loved the "Tree of Life" from the first time I laid eyes on it. I could probably stare at it all day. So when I found a good print of it last year, I bought it for our bedroom. After we moved into our new house though, it lost its luster to me.
It needed something more. It needed... a frame.

And since I'm too cheap to buy anything new, I made one.

I bought crown molding at Home Depot for cheap cheap. Greg cut it for me with his big, strong muscles (oh, and a miter saw).

Then I went outside and painted it with leftover paint from my coffee table. May I recommend to any painters out there to use a vinyl shower curtain liner for a drop cloth. It works much better than the thin plastic ones you buy at the paint store. And it doesn't tear or stick to your feet either. Also, it is reusable unlike newspapers and other paper. That's a little wisdom from my mom.

Just be sure you have plenty of paint thinner if you are using oil based paint, or you will have to drive to Sherwin Williams and beg the guy to let you inside to buy more - even though they closed 30 minutes ago - so that your hands won't look like this at school the next day.
Not that I did that.

Then I put these braces on the back to connect the four sides.

Upside down.

And hung up with those 3M adhesive things.

I'm no G. Klimt, but I like it.


  1. Thumbs up from Mom!

  2. It looks awesome! I am embarressed to say that I didn't know who painted that until I was watching Heidi's "Little Einstein's" on TV. They were flying through the swirls of the painting! It was quite cute actually! Hope all is well!

  3. I love this! I need some power tools :)



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