Wednesday, January 19, 2011

stocked pantry

Winter weather is on its way here in Arkansas.  I went to the grocery store today and stocked up on all the essentials: meat, eggs, milk, bread, fruit, and chocolate. 

I'm not getting stuck in a house during a snow storm with no chocolate to keep me warm.  No ma'am.  Not this girl.

Then I remembered an old post.  I'm not much for re-posts, but this one from June 2009 was just calling my taste buds.  


You might be a redneck chocoholic if:
  1. You keep chocolate in your vegetable crisper.
  2. You have eaten chocolate during a workout.
  3. You eat it with your breakfast.
  4. You have used it to help swallow down your medicine.
  5. Your mother taught you that chocolate is an essential food group... and you still believe her.
  6. You justify eating dark chocolate because it is "heart healthy."
  7. You shop the after Halloween and Valentines Day "sale isles" for the best deals to stock up on bulk amounts. Chocolate can be frozen, you know.
  8. You bought chocolate as a gift for a friend... but never gave it.
  9. You have stuck your tongue in a chocolate fountain.  (What?  Did I just say that?!)
  10. On the last day of school, your student, in all seriousness, tells you, "Mrs. Northen, I will always remember you as the teacher who won't share her chocolate."
... uh, or so I've heard.

Feel free to add to the list. :)

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